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design lab


Industrial design, for us, means freedom within certain boundaries. We work with a focus on our client's annual production and sales volumes, aiming to provide solutions that meet market needs at the right cost. Embracing the concept of manufacturability beyond form design, our primary goal is to find new solutions with minimum cost and time by redesigning molds and production processes, not only for new products but also for existing ones. This is an important aspect we value, as it allows us to utilize environmental resources effectively and create accessible products.


It is important for your home or workspace to be livable within its own dynamics. Interior architecture is not just about creating a visually appealing space; it is also highly valuable to organize its traffic and dynamics. Our primary goal is to make life easier physically while not causing mental exhaustion and working towards sustainable design. With our expertise in office spaces, we make the space timeless by blending the perspective of a multi-person living area.

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